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Super Rocket 3 1⁄2" - 12"

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Full Cutting Range 90mm ID To 305mm OD 3 916" ID To 12" OD
Shaft 1 Range 90mm ID To 196mm ID 3 916" ID To 7 34" ID
Shaft 2 Range 194mm ID To 300mm ID 7 58" ID To 11 34" ID
Cutter Feed 32mm 1 14"
Motor Power - Pneumatic 1500W, 2.0 Hp 6 Bar, 60 Cfm
Machine Weight - Pneumatic 12 Kg 26 Lbs
Shaft 1 Weight 25 Kg 55 Lbs
Shaft 2 Weight 35 Kg 77 Lbs

Product Details:

The high power and torque of the newly developed pneumatic motor combined with heavy duty worm and spur gear drive provide a rugged reliable machine for working on large diameter or heavy wall tube (eg. 5 ½” Sched XX Heavy).

The motor provides the operator with a high degree of control over the cutting speed by means of an accurate leaver throttle, whilst keeping operational noise levels to a minimum.

The machine utilises a versatile torque reacted shaft system to align on the inside of the work piece. The entire range of the machine (64mm to 300mm ID) is covered with just 2 shafts, minimising the number of parts required.

The construction of the shaft system is such that the shaft and machine can be mounted to the tube together, or the shaft can be mounted first and the machine then loaded to the shaft in order to ease operations in overhead or confined spaces.

The Cutter head design allows the use of standard size HSS cutter bits or when machining Heavy Wall, thicker Heavy Duty cutters. For extreme applications a roughing cutter can be paired with a finishing cutter to reduce the cutting forces.

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