Tube Prepping & Beveling

Pipe beveling is the process of forming an angle (or chamfer)  on the end of a pipe or tube. It is commonly applied to prepare the end for welding, although it can also be used for deburring the cut ends for handling safety. 

These portable machines allow the tube to be machined on site and in-situ and are applied across the world in many industries including chemical, oil, gas, water, food and power generation.

These machines can also be used to remove welds between the tubes and tube sheets (or boiler plates) in heat exchangers or boilers prior to the removal of the tubes.


Clamshells are portable machines for the in situ cutting, severing  and beveling of  pipe and tube. They are well suited to heavy wall tube and their spark free operation offers major safety benefits over flame cutting.

Our new design minimizes weight while maximizing strength and rigidity with a quality aluminum body. The pocket-style motor mount eliminates motor twisting and ring gear damage. The mount also allows you to switch between the pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors without the need for conversion pieces.

We have a good selection of internally and externally mounted Flange Facing machines. Ranging from the smaller, light-weight and compact AX312 up to the largest machine, the AX48120 model. All our models are capable of operating in any position and can perform a number of machining tasks including flange facing, RTJ grooving and lapping, lens ring machining and polishing, line boring and more. To get more details on any of these products please download the PDF catalogue or contact us.